–An exemplary platform to demystify depression took its origination with a noble cause of providing a dedicated platform for people afflicted with depression after witnessing the plight of many individuals suffering from the problem and to learn the various signs of depression and how they manifest themselves in a way that intervenes with daily life. We provide an in-depth analysis of all facets of depression.

Ways in which we endeavor to aid depressed people

First-step for treating depression

On our website we intend to break down and articulate numerous ways to rejuvenate the life of a depressed individual. First step in treating depression lies in accepting that one is suffering from the condition and finding ways to for effective depression treatment. So to provide fruitful results towards this goal we strive to encourage people to take a hard look at their life and stop being a victim and to take control over their life. In addition, we also provide simple and feasible ways to deal with daily problems resulting from depression. If not looked at in the right manner, even simple problems can become a giant beast that disrupts the peace of mind and physical health. So with the simple tips provided on this website, we hope that every individual would be able to implement them effortlessly.

Formulating core causes & signs of depression

We also intend to formulate core causes and signs of depression. In addition, we explicate what is depression and to diagnose a person who is depressed. Being aware of the fact that depression produces different results in different people, mostly depending on the cause for this condition to develop, we attempt to bring forth the most predominant effects of depression. We also try to take every precaution to provide pertinent and up-to-date information.

Facing depression head on

The journey to speedy recovery for any ailment depends on the effective treatment methods. So with this valuable platform as a medium, we intend to provide expert input on depression treatment and the pros and cons of each method. In addition, we also discuss the safety and risks involved in taking prescription or over the medication for depression treatment. We also try to determine the efficacy of the same.

Correlation between depression and other ailments

Bearing in mind that depression often co-occurs with other ailments, we aim to provide the gist of all the other illnesses or mental conditions that are either sources of depression or result of depression. We also attempt to answer the ever pervading question of whether depression causes other ailments or depression occurs as an end result of the medical conditions.

Invariable support

In addition to providing all the valuable information on depression, we also make every attempt to provide support for our readers by responding to their queries in the shortest time possible. This is what makes outshine compared to other mental health portals online. Our team comprises of many experts who have years of experience in dealing with depressed patients. So we are quite equipped to provide the right support for all the users.

Imprints of depression in numbers

  • While some degree of depression is visible in people of all age groups, major depression is known to onset at the age of 30.In general, 3 % of children and 12 .5% of adolescents are known to suffer from depression.
  • Depression claims about 6.7 % percent of the U.S. population.
  • Depression affects more women than men. According to the statistics, the ratio of women suffering from depression is almost twice compared to the men suffering from this mental illness.
  • According to an article published on National institute of health, people with depression are more vulnerable to heart attacks than people with no history of depression.

With the sheer amount of people suffering from this mental condition there is a dire need for effective platforms to debug and provide effective workable solutions to combat this condition, which is why was born.