Prozac Generic

Generic prozacProzac (Fluoxetine) is an SSRI drug which another newer formulation in the market, that treats depressions by influencing the brain chemical serotonin. It can be used in combination with other medications specifically to treat depression resulting from bipolar disorder. Prozac comes in the form of a capsule and liquid. However, Prozac is not the best drug for you if you have trouble sleeping.

What conditions does Prozac generic treat?

There are many medical ailments that are treated by this medication. They are a major depressive disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and bulimia nervosa. The doctor might prescribe Prozac generic with other medications in order to treat bipolar disorder.

How to take Prozac generic medication?

You have to take the drug has mentioned by your medical specialist. If you are instructed to take Prozac generic medication alone for the treatment then you have to abide by it. Some patients might be instructed to take Prozac generic along with other medications and this case they have to do it accordingly.

You are not supposed to crush, chew or break the medication at any cost. Instead, you should take the capsule on a whole. Only after taking the drug for complete 4 weeks of time you can know about the difference in the symptoms.

Take Prozac generic drug dose as mentioned by the doctor. You should not increase or decrease it suddenly. Halting the intake of the medication abruptly is not recommended. When you stop taking Prozac medication abruptly you would pave way for severe negative issues in your body.

Like how you started the course of therapy slowly you are supposed to halt it.

Missing Prozac generic dose

If you have forgotten to take the drug dose then you can immediately take it as soon as you remember about it. But if the time is already very close to the next dose then avoid the consumption of the missed Prozac generic dose. You are not supposed to increase the drug dose in order to compensate it.

If you missed a dose weekly, you can take the Prozac generic dose quickly. However, the next drug dose should be taken 7 days later only.

Drug overdose

You are not supposed to overdose the medication at any cost. Always stick to the dosage strength of Prozac generic that is prescribed for you. If you have overdosed the medication then you have to inform and get medical help immediately.


  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding a child and taking the medication then there are chances for the fetus and baby to suffer from complications in the liver. To avoid this, inform about your pregnancy or your lactation to the baby immediately. You are not supposed to halt or start the treatment with Prozac generic in this phase without consulting with the doctor.
  • Inform to your healthcare professional about all the medical conditions that you are suffering from.
  • If you are a person whose age is 18 years then this drug is not for you.

Side effects

Common side effects:

  • Sinus pain
  • A sore throat
  • Change in vision
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach upset

Severe side effects

  • Severe weakness
  • Low levels of sodium in the body
  • Severe skin reactions

Get medical help immediately in this situation.

Drug interactions

Prozac medication might interact with cough medications, sleeping pills, narcotic drugs, tablets used to treat anxiety or depression and much more.