Exciting Benefits of CBD oil for Depression Treatment

One of the common mental health conditions is depression. It is estimated that for every 15 adults one adult is affected by it every year and for every six adults one of them is affected by depression in their lifetime.

In fact, depression ranks quite high among the debilitating diseases.

Many peoples have resulted with positive effects by using CBD oil for depression in these recent years. Below are based on research on scientific articles and blogs that might give you the benefits of using CBD oil for your depression.

Working of CBD oil for Depression

CBD affects Serotonin in our body. The purpose of this chemical is to stabilize our internal mood. If the level of Serotonin is low then we suffer from depression. If you didn’t know what is serotonin, it is a chemical present in the human body and 5-HT1A receptor is the one responsible for releasing Serotonin. CBD has a positive effect on these receptors and increases the amount of Serotonin into the body. Thus, individuals who have consumed CBD oil or any products which contain CBD experiences mood lifting sensation.

The part of the brain affected by depression is hippocampus. This part controls emotions and when a patient is suffering from depression this part starts to shrink. CBD can reverse this process by stimulating the creation of new neurons in this region. CBD can be used as a sleep aid for sleep disorders related to depression and anxiety

Before using, it is important to know exactly how CBD works in the body of a depressed person

Why is using CBD oil to treat depression better than anti-depressants?

When using antidepressants, there may be a list of severe side effects but when you use CBD oil, there will not be any serious negative effects.

People who use anti-depressants tend to suffer from numerous negative side effects. These side effects include diarrhea, nausea, having no sexual desire, loss of vision, difficulty in speech coordination and constipation.

It is difficult for you to choose which anti-depressants are good for you. But there is no doubt in starting with a low dose of CBD oil during the initial period.

At the same time, THC free or less THC contained CBD does not give you high. Even children can take that type of CBD for seizure as it does not provide psychoactive effects.

No severe side effects are not the only benefits of CBD oil when taking it for depression. There are many, here is the list of them.

List of Benefits of taking CBD oil for depression

CBD fix all the mental worries occur due to depression. Sometimes, depression brings anxiety as well in this case, using CBD can really help you to keep your mind peace

CBD oil is more effective than anti-depressants and also much faster

As it can increase the level of Serotonin present in our body. Not only that they can also affect the hippocampus part of the brain. Since CBD oil can increase both the Serotonin level in the body and the size of the hippocampus, it is not only more effective but also works at a faster rate.

Studies conducted by NCBI, on the use of cannabidiol for treating depression and none of them have shown any evidence that it is harmful to treating depression. In fact, these studies have shown that it can be used by children, senior citizens, and even pregnant women. Not only these studies, but there are also medical institutions and doctors who are considering this option.

  1. Depression will pull down the immune power as it severely affects brain and CNS, however, CBD will help with that.
  2. Depression may also bring you sleepless nights. CBD can help with bringing your sleep back.
  3. Most depressed people lose their hunger for food but cannabis products increase the appetite in a natural way.
  4. CBD also helped many children to fight with their seizures happens because of depression.
  5. It is better to consult your physician in prior to using CBD oil or CBD products for any medical condition.

How much CBD oil must one take to treat depression?

FDA restricts the cbd oil companies and bloggers in providing the exact dosage information to the users online. This is because there was no research confirmed the exact dose of CBD oil can treat depression. Yet, you could see many personal experiences and studies in using a low dose of CBD in starting.

If you want to know the right cbd dosage, consulting any health care professionals who are specialist in treating depression or anxiety with herbal medication.

Another way is to follow the instruction given on the bottle and confirm the dosage with the provider.

The main problem faced with determining the dosage of CBD oil is two-fold.  First is that not everyone is the same. That means what dosage works for one either may be too little or too much for another.

Second, the FDA has not put any guidelines on the matter.

Normally people who suffer from depression should start by taking only five to ten mg of CBD oil first. They should take this for a few days before deciding whether it is enough or not.

If they feel that it is not enough they can increase the dosage by five to ten mg at a time. There are pre-filled capsules with higher strengths that one can use. People wh0 choose to use these ingestible ways must remember that even though the effects might last longer they do have some delay in taking effect.

There are people who suffer from acute flare-ups. These people are recommended to use a vaporizer to deal with these flare-ups. This is because the percentage of CBD in vaporized form is more than 90%. That means it will provide relief to the whole body.

An important thing that people must understand is that CBD oil is not and has never been a miracle drug. That means people should believe that if they use CBD oil their depression will go away.

Other CBD products for depression treatments

When treating depression, CBD can be taken in several forms. The forms are:

  • CBD oil tinctures drop

The most popular way of taking CBD tinctures. This method, however, has its downside. People may not like the taste. Considering the benefits a few drops might do, it pays to get used to the taste.

  • CBD capsules

Taking CBD oil in capsule form is considered convenient especially by those who cannot get used to the taste.

  • Vape oil

CBD when in vape oil form can be smoked using a vaporizer. This is meant for people who want immediate relief to their flare-ups. 

To get away from depression

Using CBD oil can help people suffering from depression treat their condition, but they should not wait until it gets out of hand.

This is because depression can affect all parts of a person’s life.

If your traditional treatment does not help you with depression, consider taking CBD oil in a small dose with doctor’s knowledge.