How long does Valium stay in your body?


There are many factors that would decide on how long the Valium medication, which is used for treating anxiety and depression, would stay in the body. We would see about it in detail in this blog.

Valium in saliva

When the saliva test is done, the Valium medication can be detected until 7 to 9 days from the last dose been consumed.

Valium in blood

The presence of the medication can be found in the blood for several weeks. So if you are going to do any blood tests you are supposed to inform your physician that you are taking Valium or you just completed your course of therapy.

Valium in the hair follicle

There would be a presence of the medication even in the hair follicles. The Valium trace would be present in the hair follicle for up to 90 days.

Valium in urine

The medication is not easily detected in the urine. However, the metabolites of the drug can be found in these tests. But this would again depend on one person to another. For some individuals, the presence of the metabolites is detected within a week of intake but for others, it might take several weeks of time in order to detect it.

Factors that affect the Valium stay in the body

Some of the factors like age, weight, the method of intake of Valium, metabolism rate, medications taken and the drug dose would determine how long the drug stays in the body.

People who have taken the higher dose of the drug for a longer span or those who have misused Valium would find the presence of the medication in the body for a prolonged period.

Your liver function is directly proportional to the time taken for the medication to leave your system. When there is an issue in the organ and it does not function well then Valium would stay in your body for a prolonged period of time.

How to eliminate the presence of Valium from the body?

  • You have to give time for the Valium to leave its trace from your body. It is a must for you to wait for that long. It might take several weeks of time for the elimination. In this time period, you are supposed to be very careful.
  • You are not supposed to consume alcohol in this period. The reason is that there is already the Valium medication present in your body and in this period if you consume alcohol there are chances for the drug interaction to occur.
  • Not only this, you are not supposed to consume any other drugs that might interact with Valium. Those who follow the instructions of the doctor and take the medication properly would not face this issue. After the course of therapy is stopped, it would take two to three days for the medication to be eliminated from the body.
  • When the person abuses Valium the elimination of Valium from the body is not as simple as this. Not only this, the people would also find the recurrence of various side effects in the body. It would be very difficult for them to handle these side effects.
  • Drink lots of water during this time. When you keep hydrated the chances for the drug elimination is very high. When you drink enough water, the medication would be excreted easily through urine.
  • Exercising daily can also help you to do the drug elimination from the body. When you are obese the Valium would stay for long. But by doing exercise and burning fat it can increase the possibility to eliminate the drug from your body.
  • Most important of all these are, you are not supposed to consume Valium at any cost during this phase. Halt the consumption so that the drug is eliminated.

Is the presence of Valium in the body harmful?

When there is a presence of the medication even after your course of therapy got over a long time back then it might cause some negative effects in your body. You have to let your healthcare professional know about the issues that you are suffering from even after completing the treatment. When this is done, they would help you to get rid of the effects soon.


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