How to help out a friend who is depressed?

help out a friendDepression treatment, unlike any other treatment, needs to be dealt with utmost attention. Studies reported that people suffering from depression are substantially rising with the passage of years. If you have a friend who is depressed and dull, there are ways you can help them by doing your part. Although chronic depression needs medical intervention, you can still play a major role in helping a friend cope with depression by using this article as a guide.

Listen Patiently

listen carefullyThe key to understanding your friend’s situation is to carefully listen to what they are saying. But please understand that depressed people are not upfront about their situation because they are afraid of criticism and judgment. So it is important not to be judgmental and just try to understand their situation. Try to keep yourself in their shoes and analyze the circumstances.This can help your friend to be more open and share their thoughts and fears. Often times, educating yourself about depression can prevent you from saying or doing hurtful things unintentionally. Although talking to professional therapists have their perks, it’s you who knows your friend better so you can aid them in diagnosing their condition.

Notice the signs of depression

If you are not sure that your friend comes in the category of depression, you can look for some signs, as depression often results in the following symptoms.

  • Constant Feelings of self-loath
  • Being completely drained of energy
  • Losing interest inactivates that once used to captivate their attention
  • Easily getting angry or irritated. Being frustrated over small things
  • Have trouble concentrating or making decisions
  • The tendency of engaging in irresponsible behavior that is unlike them. For example, drinking too much alcohol or drug abuse.

By using these signs as a guide you can see if your friend is suffering from depression. However please also note that everyone suffers from the above signs from time to time. It’s when the issues become consistent and prolong for longer periods, that’s where you have a reason to suspect.

Aid them in seeking professional help

seeking professional for depressionPeople suffering from depression often feel that even setting up an appointment to talk to a doctor or getting a depression test is pointless because they have negative feelings associated with their recovery and think it can’t be treated. So it is not easy to get depressed people into treatment. However, making your loved ones see that there is a solution to every problem and helping him/her with their problem can be a vital step towards their depression recovery. So, if possible do your research and suggest them to consult a physician. You can set up an appointment for them, or even offer to accompany them on the visit. Advise them to make a complete list of the ailments and symptoms to discuss with the physician. Based on your friend’s mental and physical condition the doctor can suggest them a possible solution.

Finally, you can do some quick things from time to time to assist them in their depression journey. Planning fun outings together or make them laugh once in a while. Laughing is one of the best solutions to our health and makes our fear disappear.