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How Does Klonopin Affect The Body?

Klonopin also known as clonazepam and it is an FDA drug benzodiazepine. It is well known for its anticonvulsant, muscle relaxing, anxiolytic properties, amnestic sedative, and hypnotic effect and is thus known to treat seizure and epileptic conditions effectively. The relaxing effects are achieved when the components of the medication work to reduce excessive excitation in the subcortical regions of the brain and disturb their interaction with the cortex. The polysynaptic and spinal reflexes are oppressed.

It acts quickly due to its rapid absorption in the digestive tract. It focuses primarily on the nerve cells to reduce excessive activity. Though the exact working of clonazepam is not yet determined, studies show that they work by binding themselves to the GABA receptors. Doing so enhances the affinity for GABA that blocks the communication between the nerve cells. Low levels of these neurotransmitters are what are responsible for mood disorders, anxiety, seizure disorders, and pain. 

Long-Term Effects Of Klonopin

Long-term use of Klonopin is highly not advisable. Since the medication works on the brain, consumption for prolonged periods can cause it to permanently alter the brain chemicals that can greatly affect anxiety conditions and distress levels when it is low. Though 26.9 million prescriptions are written per year, it seems most of them are used for recreational purposes rather than clinical use which led to drug misuse. Most people get these drugs illegally by buying them from street vendors or by taking them from family members. Easy access to Klonopin medication by getting them from family members accounts for almost 70%. 

Indication For Klonopin Use:

Klonopin is used to treat epilepsy in both children and adults. The most commonly treated seizure conditions are myoclonic, akinetic epilepsy, focal seizures, temporal seizures, and generalized submaximal seizures. 

For patients above the age of 18, fear and phobia symptoms are treated

Psychomotor agitation in reactive psychoses and the manic phase of Cyclothymia are also treated

Side Effects

The following are the Klonopin side effects when consumed without proper guidance.

Improper muscle coordination, weakness, dizziness, memory issues, speech difficulties, disturbances in vision, cognitive disability, emotional instability, confusion, catarrhal inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, hypersalivation, loss of appetite, muscular pain, irregular menstrual cycle, erythromycin, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia, increased blood concentrations, increased levels of alkaline phosphatase and paradoxical reactions such as cutaneous allergic manifestations,  excitement, and insomnia.

Patients below the age of 18- 60 are eligible for taking this medication and care should be taken not to consume them along with any other drugs. 

Drowsiness and dizziness are some of the common effects that occur due to Klonopin consumption and that go away once you are used to it. 

Body aches, palpitations, extreme fatigue, respiratory depression due to its sedative effects have also been reported. Care should be taken not to combine them along with alcohol or any other illicit substances. The risks of sedation are higher in those having a history of pulmonary conditions. 

It is a scheduled controlled substance due to its high risk of developing physical and psychological dependence. 

Abruptly stopping the usage of this medication can cause one to experience severe withdrawal effects.  So cessation should be done only under the guidance of a physician. 

Taking them along with other anticonvulsants can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior. 

Not to be taken along with other opioids or antidepressants. Those having liver conditions should exercise caution while using this medication to avoid sensitivity to the components of the medication. 

Klonopin Contraindications

Those who are hypersensitive to the ingredients of the medication should refrain from using it. 

Those with a history of mental conditions, respiratory issues, glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, and liver function disorders are also advised not to take this medication. 

Not appropriate for usage in children below the age of 18 and elderly debilitated people. 

Its high effectiveness can be a reason to develop dependence and addiction and it should also not be taken by those who have abused substances in the past. 

Dosage and Administration For Depression

Klonopin is available as a tablet to be taken orally as per the instruction of your doctor. The tablets should be swallowed as a whole with water. 

The medication should be administered with caution in those having due to its effective activity on the central nervous system. 

The optimal dosage amount recommended for adults is 1.5mg per day. Dosage increment can be done after a period of 3 weeks if there are no significant improvements in the condition. Maintenance dosage is based on the individual’s response and their health conditions. 

The maximum dosage that can be taken is  20mg and it should never go beyond that owing to the risk of adverse reactions. 

For younger patients, the dosage should be based on their body weight. The minimal dosage to start Klonopin therapy is 0.01-0.2mg/kg of body weight. The dosage levels are not to exceed 1,.5 per day. It is should be given three times a day with the largest dose being administered before bedtime. Maintenance dosage should be as prescribed by your doctor.

Klonopin usage in geriatric patients above the age of 65 should be done in with utmost care and caution. The lower doses are best recommended to avoid intoxication and other adverse reactions.


It should be taken with great caution in those having kidney and liver disorders and chronic respiratory conditions. Long-term usage can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. It also decreases the effectiveness of the medication causing the user to take higher dosage amounts than necessary. Taking Alcohol and Klonopin increases the risk of excess sedation which in extreme cases can lead to death.  You might feel dizzy or drowsy the following morning after taking the medication and therefore should avoid performing activities that require your concentration.

Take Klonopin exactly as prescribed by your doctor and do not increase the dosage amounts as you choose. Do not crush, or powder the tablets to avoid getting addicted to the medication. Read the medication guide carefully on the proper usage of the drug. There are certain instructions to be followed on how to handle the orally disintegrating tablets.

If you are new to taking this medication can cause certain effects that can interfere with your ability to perform complex tasks. They generally exist only for a very short time and in case it prolongs consult your doctor immediately. 

Be careful when you sit down and get up to avoid the risk of falls

If you feel that you are getting addicted to its effectiveness tell your doctor so, if your condition has not improved with time they might prescribe you a similar alternative or if improved will reduce your dosage quantities and guide you through the process. 

If you are on any other therapy drugs, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you start taking them together.

Those allergic to benzodiazepines should avoid taking this medication to avoid adverse reactions. 

If you are a pregnant or lactating mother, talk to your physician about taking the medication during this time to get to know whether it is safe. 


Is Klonopin Addictive?

Klonopin belongs to a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines and these medications are known to be addictive when used for prolonged periods. They have risks of tolerance, dependence, and addiction, and the Klonopin pill are no different from them. The reason why the medication is so addicting is because of two reasons, its rapid onset of action and its long half-life. 

The comp[omnemss of the medication enters the bloodstream so fast that the effects are felt within minutes of consumption and remain in the system for three days until it is eliminated from the body.  However, this is dependent on the dosage amounts and size of the pill. 

Is Klonopin A  Narcotic?

The Klonopin effects may be similar to that of narcotics but it is not classified under the category of narcotic medications. The one that is common to both is that they are CNS depressants. Narcotics are drugs that are opioids, either natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic substitutes. 

Klonopin is an anticonvulsant or antiepilep[tic drug that is used to treat panic attacks. The components of the medication work by calming down the brain and nervous activity. 

Is It Possible To Buy Klonopin Online Overnight Delivery?

Buying Klonopin online with overnight delivery options is available keeping in mind the needs of customers.  To avail of this,  choose a reliable seller who has the option of “overnight delivery”. This option is available on the checkouts page after you choose the product. By choosing this option, your product will reach your doorstep within 24hrs. In case of any queries, you can contact customer support who are available round the clock.

Can I Get Klonopin Online Without A Prescription?

Yes, it is easy to purchase Klonopin online with no prescription but you need to have a medical script at the time of order placement. Before proceeding with an online purchase, consult your doctor if you have any conditions and get their advice on how to use them correctly. The dosage amounts and the duration of how long you should use this medication will be determined by them based on the evaluation of your health.

Update your doctor if you have had health conditions in the past or if you are taking any other medications at present. Get the medical prescription from a cyber healthcare specialist or by direct appointment with your doctor. With that prescription, you can buy Klonopin online legally.