Privacy Policy

Privacy policy has designed this privacy policy (policy) so that you will be able to understand the kind of information that might be gathered from you. This information might be gathered when you either visit our site or make use of any of our services. The policy will also the manner in which we might disclose the information as well as how you can correct and/or update your information. It will be taken for granted that you have agreed to this policy. Thus, we strongly advise you not to use our services or visit our sites if you do not agree with the policy.

Information gathered by us

The types of information will gather from its users or visitors are of two types. These are personal identification information and non-personal identification information. The personal identification information can include your name as well as your email id while the non-personal identification information can include the number of times you log into the site or how you are viewing articles on our site.

This information is collected from you by through the following ways:

  • Using the different available on our site
  • When you register for our services
  • By using different technologies (including cookies)
  • By asking you to provide the desired information

Personal identification information can be gathered from you on a voluntary basis. This happens when you either decide to fill out a form or send it to us through any other means. In case you wish to participate in the various activities that happen on our site then you might be required to provide us with certain information to us. As for non-personal identification information they might be collected whenever you connect to our site to make use of our services. This collection will be done automatically.

Terms of use terms of use is a binding contract and the terms set in this contract are legally bound to you if you make use of the site and/or the services offered by the site. By accessing the site and/or using the services offered by the site you agree with the terms of use. We strongly suggest that you read the terms of use properly before visiting the site or using the service provided. In case you are accessing and/or using the services provided by the site on behalf of a company, organization or entity, then you will become the legal representative of the company organization or entity and you will bind the company, organization or entity to the contract.

All the information that has been published on and the services offered by it are to be used for informational purposes. This includes any content that is posted on any social media channel, mobile application, website, advertisement, and third-party content service. These content has been posted for information purposes. is not responsible for reliability or accuracy of the content. You are responsible for any relationship you might have with anyone using this site. These include but not limited to wholesalers, healthcare providers, other users, and third parties.


Purposes for which we use the gathered information will use the information gathered from you for different purposes. In the case of personal identification information, it can be used to help us get a better understanding of your needs, provide you with both services and products that better suit your needs. Also, this information can help us understand your queries and requests so that we can provide you with the proper response, improve our communication with you, send you alerts about promotional offers, send you updates about services and products that interest you, and contact you for the sake of market research. Furthermore, we can send newsletters, marketing information as well as personalize our site to suit your needs. will share this personal identification information with the following people:

  • Third parties who have either created or maintained sites
  • Third-party auditors
  • Technical consultants
  • Our affiliates

This sharing will be done so as to help them do the following

  • Process and/or deliver your order
  • Process and/or provide you with the desired services
  • Deliver the following
    • Samples
    • Products
    • Gifts
    • Content
    • Prizes
    • Services will share your personal identification information with third parties, but only to the extent allowed by the law. This information can include your age, your zip code, your marital status, and your gender. We would share with them only if we believe that the information, services, and products they offer will be valuable to you. Also, we would provide such information to third parties only if they are needed for market research, creating aggregate reports or for any other such purposes. Once the information has been shared with third parties, it is governed by their privacy policy as well as their terms of use. In such cases, we are not responsible for the way they use this information. In case you do not wish us to share your information then please send us a notification in writing to the address mentioned below. Remember to do this for every email you have attached to the services.

Different technologies used by

Cookies are basically alphanumeric identifiers that have been placed in the hard disk of your computer. The purpose of these cookies is to keep a log of the sites you have visited as well as the services you have used. This cookie will also grant you the ability to use features of that you could not use earlier. Not only can you visit our site without repeated logging in, but also view previous log-ins and the activities you have done during those log-ins. The information that is stored in the cookie can be transmitted to any of the following:

  • Our agents
  • Agents of any of our authorized business partners and contractors

Cookies that have been placed either by us or any of our authorized business partners and contractors have permission to collect the standard information from your computer without any limitation. The information they collect includes the operating system on your computer, the internet protocols used, the purchases made by you on a site, and the webpage that you visited with date and time., however, does not control the cookies that have been placed by advertisers and other third parties. These cookies are governed by their own privacy policy and terms of use. has agreements with third-party ad networks. These networks are allowed to show advertisements that might interest you on our site. They may use technologies including cookies. These cookies are used to provide advertisements that are relevant to you. reserves the right to either disclose or provide access to both personal identification information as well as aggregate information that have collected by us to any administrative agency or court. However, this information will be shared only if it is needed for an investigation into a violation of the law.

Managing cookies

Cookies can be installed on your computer only if you allow it. You can set the browser to warn you whenever an attempt is made to install cookies. Also, you can delete the cookies that have already been installed and you can also prevent them from being installed., however, wishes to inform you that if you do not grant permission to the cookies then you may not be able to access many of the features of our site. The ability to accept or refuse cookies can be set using the settings of your browser.

Information about children has a policy of not providing services and products to individuals who are below 13 years. This is because the services are not meant for individuals who are below 13 years. In case you are less than 13 years then we strongly suggest that you do not register as a customer. If you happen to be either a parent or guardian of a child who is less than 13 years and you have reasons to believe that he/she might have given us personal identification information. Then you should contact us at This will help us delete the information as it is illegal.

Policy about the sale of assets or merger

There is a possibility that, its subsidiaries, its parent company, or its affiliates might either be bought by another business entity or it could be merged with it. During this time the assets have to be transferred to the new business entity. In such cases, have the right to transfer all or in part the personal identification information to the purchaser and successor in business.

Links from third parties

There are links on that might lead to other sites. We do not monitor these links. Also, we neither control them nor endorse the information provided by the links. This extends to the privacy policies of these sites. They include but by no ways limited to third-party service providers, advertisers, and partners. These sites might have provided links to other resources or third-party sites. This might have been done on behalf of their sponsors. does not control these links and we have neither reviewed them nor approved any of the content found on them.

True the information collected by third-party sites cannot identify you, we at at strongly suggest that you make yourself with the privacy policy followed by them and in case you have queries suggest that you contact them.

Security has made it a policy that the personal identification information gathered by us should be protected by the highest security available. To this end, we are using secure server software (SSL). This will ensure that any transaction that takes place on our site is secure. But like you know it is not possible to provide a security that is impenetrable. Thus, we do not provide any guarantee for the security of the information gathered.

Choosing to correct, update your information or opt out recognizes your right to correct or change your personal identification information. Also, we do recognize your right to close your account. However, we wish to inform you that even if you delete your personal identification information from our site, the residual information will remain on our servers. There is no guarantee that the residual information will not contain your personal identification information. is responsible for updating, correcting or deleting information that stored on lists or database by third parties.

Contacting us

In case you have any queries or questions you can contact us at

Changes to our privacy policy reserves the right to make any changes to this policy without