What are the 10 best over the counter Valium Alternatives for treating Anxiety?

Valium is one of the most trusted prescription drugs to use for anxiety conditions, but most of the patients are not like to take the drug, all things considered. The side effects of the medication are really scary; particularly the long-term side effects can affect individual’s brain condition and make them addicted towards the drug.

That is the major reason why many patients are seeking Valium alternatives for treating anxiety disorder. Individuals are regularly

looking for an immediate replacement for Valium that can be taken when they need and how they need. To be honest, no medications have the potential to work like Valium and Getting OTC Valium is not legal so never try to do it. In fact, the alternatives which are considered as the best substitutes for Valium do not have power, and reliability as like Valium. If they did then they would be prescription-only medications, as well.

However, it does not mean that they are less efficient. Some medications are time testes, while others are research tested. Every one of them has a background marked by helping individuals think better, clearer, and concentrate better. These 10 medications that we exhibit have a background marked by helping individuals who have an anxiety disorder. Since all the medications are natural alternatives, they work with your body, not against it.

The warning for all these medications: If you are taking Valium, you should converse with your healthcare specialist before halting your drug, beginning any of these substitutes, or starting any way of changes in lifestyle. Remember! Taking the drug without proper doctor guidance may lead you towards serious side effects.

Start your treatment with lowest dosage level and work your way up. Never surpass the maximum dosage limit as the majority of such cases ended up with serious health consequences, and sometimes it can be fatal one when you failed to follow the all the warning instructions and dosing directions as advised by your doctor.

CBD oil

CBD oil is the best natural alternative method on our list. By taking cannabis oil, it will calm your mind and enhance the brain. This makes you less anxious and helps to overcome the other symptoms of social or any other anxiety. As CBD oil is extracted naturally from the hemp plants through the effective extraction process. The resultant product has the combination of a certain chemical compound like CBD, THC. As a product, sellers used to change the ratio of CBD and THC to make the product organic and natural. And by many people, CBD oil is believed to be the best alternative to prescription drugs like Valium in treating anxiety and depression.

Native Remedies MindSoothe

The first natural alternative on our rundown is the MindSoothe equation from Native Remedies. Mindsoothe is an herbal remedy and that is why it called native remedies. The major active ingredients of the remedy are Passionflower and St. John’s wort. Passionflower has the potential to solve anxiety symptoms, while St. John’s wort is best and effective for depression symptoms. Thus, combinations of both these ingredients provide good effects and better relief from depression as well as anxiety symptoms. To know more about the Native Remedies Mindsoothe, please visit our natural remedies database and learn about it.

HCF: Happy, Calm, and Focused

A mainstream supplement that has been available for quite a while is HCF: Happy, Calm, Focused. This remedy uses various fixings which have been appeared to affect uneasiness manifestations or anxiety conditions. Magnesium, Iron, Various B-vitamins, Vitamin E, chromium, Vitamin A, calcium, and Zinc are the major ingredients which used in this product. The probable explanation behind the viability of this item is it tends to both dietary issues and in addition including ingredients which have been appeared to smother anxiety symptoms, for example, L-Glutamine. Refer our database to know more about HCF (Happy, Calm, and Focused).


Silexan is a front line natural remedy for anxiety condition and the product anti-anxiety is based on the scientifically proven lavender equation. German researchers contemplated the impacts of this equation on study members and found that Silexan-based supplements happened to be similarly as compelling in regarding anxiety disorder as benzodiazepines as Ativan. The best part is that you can obtain Silexan-based items without a doctor’s prescription.  This product is really remarkable so that healthcare professionals generally do not prescribe this product to their patients.


Americans are woefully worse than average with regards to appropriate nutrition. According to recent studies, the research institutes and other medical bodies researchers have concluded that the majority of USA citizens are inadequate in various key minerals, particularly magnesium. A lack of magnesium has been appeared to cause various both physiological and mental issues, including depression and anxiety conditions. If you are searching for an extraordinary method to incorporate more magnesium into your eating regimen, have a go at utilizing an enhanced supplement. On the other hand, various whole foods have magnesium in a necessary level along with a few more nutrition such fish, different nuts, whole milk, and so on.


Tranquilene is another popular supplements which available in the current market. This is an herbal supplement product by means of that it contains various types of vitamins as well as herbal ingredients. L-Theanine is the most common and essential ingredient of the product, though an assortment of vitamins including the B complex vitamins are available also, notwithstanding magnesium, calcium, and other fundamental minerals. Majority of the patients have reported a positive review for Tranquilene product, but as with other supplements, the effect of the supplement will vary from one person to another person according to their body chemistry.


Lumiday is dietary supplement contains various basic vitamins and natural ingredients that have been intended to provide an anxiolytic benefit to patients in different lab studies. Lumiday consist of the following ingredients: L-Theanine, Ashwagandha Root, 5-HTP, Rhodiola Rosea Extract. These ingredients have been directed or guided to affect the condition of anxiety disorder or anxiety symptoms. Visit our natural remedies database, where you can find more information about all such ingredients.


AnxiClear is one type of natural and herbal supplement which consist of the veritable cocktail as an anxiety-fighting compound. The primary ingredients of the supplement include chamomile, passionflower, eleuthero root extract, and a few others. This supplement has gained good reviews from the majority of the customers and it is available over the counter as like other dietary supplements.


Seredyn is the final supplement on our top 10 Valium alternative list. BioNeurix Corporation is the manufacturer of this product. This supplement contains the different variety of ingredients that prompts anxiolytic effects in order to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and Niacinamide have similar benefits and effects as like benzodiazepines.

Breathe Meditation

We have decided to incorporate some ideas for the last two natural alternatives, which do not require any sort of payment at all. The two alternatives are breath meditation and exercise. These are the most effective ways to alleviate anxiety symptoms in a natural way moreover they also prevent future pain attacks too.

Breath meditation can be performed in a wide range of structures; one of the most obscure methods is the anapansati form which derived from the ancient Buddhist tradition of Theravada. You can learn more about it by searching in Google. But it is all about how you are going to manage with your breath and concentrating on your inhaling as well as exhaling.